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MAROUF-GROUP Business Consulting Solutions Provider.
We provide PROACTIVE Architecture & Interior design business solutions.
We are an Egyptian consulting engineering company established on 2000
our main office at Cairo, start first region branch at Jeddah on 2015
and the first international branch at Istanbul on 2017

معـــروف - جــروب | للإستشارات الهندسية المتكاملية
نقدم حلول أعمال هندسية رائدة فى مجال الإنشائات والتصميمات.
تأسست معروف جروب عام 200 فى القاهرة وأصبح لنا فرع للمجموعة فى المملكة العربية السعودية
بإسم معروف زبيدي عام 2015، حيث تواصلت نجاحاتنا العالمية .
بحلول عام 2017 اصبح للمجموعة فرع فى اسطنبول باسم معروف ترك

دائما عملائنا هم شركاء لنا حتي نصل بهم الي غايتهم المنشودة في التصميم.

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Who We Are


Marouf Group consulting and design was founded by Arch. Hany Marouf, His vision and skill set has led to the cultivation of a talented and dynamic team.

We are an Egyptian consulting engineering company established on 2000, our main office at Cairo, start first region branch at Jeddah on 2015 and the first international branch at Istanbul on 2017.

We have grown exponentially and we’ve worked with all Clients types who put their trust in us in the fields of interior designs, architectural Design and projects. So when we say “we design beauty,” we mean it.

Mission & Vision

We provide PROACTIVE Architecture & Interior design business solutions, serve the Worldwide To AIM HIGH
Overall project objectives:

    1. Technically, to provide the best ARCHITECTURE & INTERIOR services for worldwide new.
    2. Schedully, in 10 aim to reach bey wand the sky.
    3. Costly, PROACTIVE ARCHITECTURE & INTERIORS cheaper than traditional ones.
    4. Special objective, to provide new Conciouness with NEW VISION to the world wide

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Interior Design

At Marouf Group Our Clients benefit from a uniquely holistic approach; having all their architectural, engineering and interior design needs met by one Consulting Group. Our reputation for creating contemporary, elegant commercial design is second to none. Our track record delivering our projects on time and on budget, is the reason why Marouf Group is the leading consulting business solutions provider in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

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Architectural Design

Marouf Group architecture and interior designs was founded to provide services in all phases of architecture & interior design process. Essentially geared toward commercial design, our experience includes hotel, restaurant, retail , corporate and residential projects . Additionally, when required, associate consultants can offer structural, landscape & lighting design.

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Academic Learning

In Marouf Academy Our Mission is To provide innovative programs designed to spark curiosity, maximize learning potential and continuously improve student achievement by empowering them with 21st century skills.
Success is a journey, Not a destination.

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Interior Expertise

We document inspiration. Our aim is to visualize, create and maintain beautiful homes and places for our clients. Our emphasis is on visuals that motivate you.


We Aim To Provide World-Class Engineering Consultancy Services To Our Clients, Making Their Dream Designs Come True To Build A Robust Client Loyalty Database. We Are Comitted To Provide Best Value And Survice,

Architecture Perfection

We’re an influential Architecture Firm, We have designed hundreds of projects; commercial, residential and entertainment; each design has its own concept which meets the individual needs of client.

Awards Winning

One of the largest and most well-established firms, we are an award-winning and multi-disciplinary architecture and interior design.

Marouf Academy

We allow students get the chance develop their design skills and knowledge. Our students have a fun, challenging and creative chance to learn more about architectural design and built engineering careers.

Experience Matters

20 Years of awesome designs in Marouf Group, 7 Years of spreading knowledge through Marouf academy.

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