Interior Design

At Marouf Group Our Clients benefit from a uniquely holistic approach; having all their architectural, engineering and interior design needs met by one Consulting Group. Our reputation for creating contemporary, elegant commercial design is second to none. Our track record delivering our projects on time and on budget, is the reason why Marouf Group is the leading consulting business solutions provider in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.


We work together to determine how interior spaces will function , look and be furnished . We determine the client’s goals , requirements , timeline and budget . We believe that there is a lot of charm in the smallest details beauty


Furniture is a big deal in the design industry . It is not just a manufacturing process , we create master pieces . Coming up with a design that looks nice is only part of the process , ensuring strength and stability is the other. We are always up to date with all news


If strategy is deciding what to do,for us execution is all about making it happen.It’s the follow through.We finish up to the smallest detail and create the ambiance in all areas of the property-both indoor and outdoor-from the conceptual stage of the project to the fully finished.