Interior Design

At Marouf Group Our Clients benefit from a uniquely holistic approach; having all their architectural, engineering and interior design needs met by one Consulting Group. Our reputation for creating contemporary, elegant commercial design is second to none. Our track record delivering our projects on time and on budget, is the reason why Marouf Group is the leading consulting business solutions provider in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

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Architectural Design

Marouf Group architecture and interior designs was founded to provide services in all phases of architecture & interior design process. Essentially geared toward commercial design, our experience includes hotel, restaurant, retail , corporate and residential projects . Additionally, when required, associate consultants can offer structural, landscape & lighting design.

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Academic Learning

In Marouf Academy Our Mission is To provide innovative programs designed to spark curiosity, maximize learning potential and continuously improve student achievement by empowering them with 21st century skills.
Success is a journey, Not a destination.

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