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Architectural design Academic Learning in Cairo

Architectural designers create functional and practical spaces in urban and rural settings using many different materials. Modern architecture demands in-depth knowledge in mathematics, engineering, arts, science, and technology for designers to understand how structures work, the characteristics of materials and forms, and so on. The success of an architectural design is gauged from a building’s beauty, firmness, and utility.

An Architectural Design Fundamentals class covers the basic theories, strategies and concepts of form, shape, symmetry and patterns in the physical world and how to translate them onto paper. Students learn to combine design with aesthetics and weigh those considerations against time, quality, and cost.

A Computer-Aided Design for Architectural Design Learning demonstrates practical and effective methods for using CAD programs to draft architectural designs, plans and blueprints for buildings, roads, bridges and other structures. It presents both 2- and 3-dimensional object modeling, layering, editing, auxiliary views, and rendering techniques.

Interior Design Academic Learning in Cairo

While Interior Design is the art of decorating the inside of a building or home in order to turn it into a unique space.
This discipline is a combination of both art and architecture.

An interior designer is much more than just a decorator. He or she is an artist, a stage designer, a producer of invigorating spaces that nurture the spirit and stimulate the mind. Marouf Academy academic Learning will pave your career as an interior designer and prepare you to excel in the field.It introduces you to the visual language of design, the psychology of colors and the design process. It also covers the history of style design, architecture and furniture design. You will get to interact with different materials and details such as door handles, wall coverings, lightings, furnishing and fabrics and work on fun, engaging projects. By thinking people and not rooms, you will learn how to design harmonious and balanced interiors on a professional level.

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